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Sherwin Tay

Started playing baduk at 2015, BIBA is a very good place to practice baduk and to achieve great improvement in your playing skills. They have great professional teacher guiding you, and meeting people all over the world.

KGS Account:
Country: Singapore
Year Of Birth: 1996
Rank: 5kyu
Trip Duration: 2 weeks

Jake Game


KGS Account: positive4
Country: USA
Year Of Birth: 1999
Rank: 1d
Trip Duration: 3 month

Stefano Giurin


KGS Account: wildpizza
Country: Italy
Year Of Birth:
Rank: 5k
Trip Duration: 1 month

Manuel Velasco

I had a wonderful experience in Korea and this trip is a must do for any Go players that want to both get stronger and enjoy Korean culture. Blackie and Dia were super welcoming and I even somehow managed to stay 4 months without having to learn to speak Korean because of their help. (I'm very Lazy)Hoping to return soon :)

KGS Account: Goprince
Country: Canada
Year Of Birth: 1991
Rank: 5D
Trip Duration: 4 Months

Florent Labouret

I want to study hard to become European 6d !

KGS Account: herissondu
Country: France
Year Of Birth: 1993
Rank: 4d
Trip Duration: 6 month minimum

Anastasia Khlepetina


KGS Account:
Country: Russia
Year Of Birth: 1990
Rank: 3d
Trip Duration: 1 year