Blackie's International Baduk Academy

BIBA was opened on the 31st of January by Kim Seung-jun 9p (Blackie) and me (Diana Koszegi 1p).

Before BIBA, there was an International Baduk Academy (IBA) in Korea, but unfortunately IBA closed at the end of 2010, however the IBA students wanted to stay and study Baduk. Luckily, I just went home for Christmas holiday, so I let the guys use my flat and a month later when I came back, Blackie helped them to find accommodation and let them study in the yongusil, where we also studied.

Actually, during my stay in Korea, many foreigners wrote me and asked where could they study Baduk in Korea. I used to recommend IBA or Kings (by now, both closed). In January, 2011 another foreigner wrote and asked me where he could study, but the yongusil where we were studying before, was closing, so we started to consider opening a school for foreigners. Moreover, we gave lessons in camps and we also held workshops in Turkey and in the USA, so we knew some people planned to study seriously in Korea from September, 2011. Therefore, we decided to give a try and make a school for foreigners.

Kim Seung-jun 9p contacted Mr Seong Gi-jeong, the owner of the Jinseok Baduk Academy in Sanbon, they know each other for really long time, so we decided to start our school at the same place with the Korean Academy, therefore the foreigners will have strong opponents and they can study the same way just like the Korean kids. On the other hand, it is also good for the Korean school that Blackie stays in the school almost every day.

In September, 2011, we rented an office for BIBA. It was on the same floor as Jinseok Baduk School, so foreigners could continue playing with the Korean kids.

From July, 2013, both Jinseok and BIBA moved to another building and we are sharing a school once again.